Vertical Groove VGG Driver

Vertical Groove VGG Driver

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The simplest solutions are usually the best, and yet they are often the most overlooked.  The Vertical Groove Driver is the first radical change to the face of the golf club in decades--and yet it couldn't be simpler.  Our patented VGT Technology starts by rotating those grooves 90 degrees. 

Our Vertical Groove Driver has been hit by many professional golfers, teachers and amateurs.  Each has marveled at the smooth feel, crisp sound and characteristic ball flight that VGT Technology delivers.


VGT was developed by one of the greatest inventors in golf, Tony Antonius.  Tony is well known for hundreds of golf patents, including the use of Velcro on the golf glove.

Our patented VGT technology is not just an evolution in golf—it’s a 90 degree revolution in golf. VGT changes the game for golfers of every skill-level.  The physical properties of this new technology push concentric shock waves away from the shaft giving a crisp, clean response in the hands of the golfer.  Additionally VGT encourages more forward rotation than clubs with horizontal grooves, even when the head of the driver is slicing across the ball.  This increases accuracy when compared to clubs with horizontal grooves.


Tested against the #1 selling drivers today, all of which use horizontal grooves, The Groove outperformed in length and accuracy on carry.  In independent testing by Golf Laboratories, Inc., length increased by almost 20 yards with significant accuracy improvements. Our amateur testing is showing even greater improvements for mid- to high- handicap players.

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