Christmas in July (or every month) with Tee Box


We couldn't wait to get our hands on our first goodies box from TeeBox and it finally arrived last week. It was worth the wait though! How do you pack so much value into a single box Keegan??

If you are a golf accessories nut like us here at GolfHub, then this is a must have on your list. It's like getting a birthday gift every single month filled with stuff that any golfer would want. Golf Stuff!!



Check the video to see why we'll be subscribing to get a monthly box.

So what is the deal:

You can buy 1 box or buy a package of 3 boxes or 6 boxes delivered to your door each month.

The value is undisputed and the anticipation and excitement value of waiting for your box to arrive is really cool.

I'd like to have an option to pay monthly for the 6 months as it is quite a lot of ammo to fork out to pay for 6 boxes up front.

If you're like me you'll treat yourself with just one box to start with, but be warned, you'll be hooked on the idea to buy yourself a birthday present each month.

All and all a great idea and good value for money.

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